5 Tips For Writing EDM Lyrics

Are you looking for tips for writing some amazing EDM lyrics? I mean lyrics that will not only inspire but linger for a long time in the memories of your listeners. If you just answered yes, then keep reading as this is the article for you!

The one golden rule for crafting amazing EDM lyrics is keeping it “super catchy and simple.” However easy that may sound, there are still some other things you have to do to keep the lyrics amazing. 

Talking about making it amazing, it is also very important you clearly define what “amazing” means to you. That being said, to some, amazing might mean something “very poetic.” But to some other people, “amazing” might mean something thought-provoking. Also, it might mean something super-simple or something with some touches of social-consciousness. The bottom line here is that whatever “amazing” means to you, be clear about it and go for it.

Even though you might already know what EDM is, always remembering what EDM is will go a long way in helping you craft better lyrics for this genre. Electronic dance music (EDM), also referred to as dance music, club music, or dance, is a style of music made largely for nightclubs, festivals, and raves. Remembering that EDM is a type of dance music will help you a lot in writing better EDM lyrics. Wasting no more time, let’s look at some tips for writing some very amazing EDM lyrics. 

Create Some Hooks

This is actually the most important part because every other idea in your EDM lyric will sprout from this. Also, I can say that every other lyrical idea will always refer to the hook as its basis.

The hook is the catchy part of the song. The part that everyone remembers and sings along to. A good EDM song should have more than just one hook; thus the reason for the heading “create some hooks.” There is a saying that every part of an amazing lyric should be a hook. Even though you might not make every part of your EDM lyric a hook, there should at least be a hook in most parts of your EDM lyric. 

In most cases, your chorus in entirety should be a hook. It is very important that the lyric to the chorus sticks in the heads and hearts of your listeners. As for other parts, like the verses and the bridge, you might not make them hooks in their entirety, but always make sure there is something that “sticks” in them. 

Make Your Words Singable 

.Your lyric has to fit well with the melody, it doesn’t have to seem as if you are forcing the melody on the lyrics or vice versa. It doesn’t matter how meaningful the words are, if it doesn’t flow and merge naturally with the melody, then you have a big problem. Lyric writing might be something poetic, but it still has to be highly melodic. 

Your lyric must always answer to a singer – if you want it to be sung. It is very possible to write some amazing words that actually sound poetic and meaningful when spoken but not so amazing when sung. Always take an honest and careful listen to your EDM lyrics. Decide if it sounds good when sung. If you don’t really trust your ears to make sound judgment, you can always employ some extra ears – may be that of a friend or colleague. 

Keep it Simple And Repetitive 

Simplicity and repetition are major attributes of amazing EDM lyrics. There is one thing common about the works of greats like Avicci, David Guetta, Marshmello, Skrillex, and Swedish House Mafia. The one common thing about the compositions of these amazing acts is simplicity. When crafting EDM lyrics, simplicity is gold. This is also important because EDM is a dance style. Remember that part we talked about remembering what EDM is? EDM in most cases is for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. Although you might still want to get poetic, philosophical, or even political with your EDM lyrics, it is always a wise thing to keep it simple as this would most likely be listened to by people who just want to dance and not bother about world hunger or the devastating economic policies by the government. 

Repetition is another tool for writing amazing EDM lyrics. No matter how nice and catchy the words are, it somehow still needs to repeat at certain points in the music. Think of repetition and simplicity as a pair that when used wisely will make your EDM lyric stand out. Don’t be afraid to repeat sections of the lyrics or ideas that you think are amazing. Repetition and simplicity make your lyrics catchy. 

The Verse/Chorus Structure Actually Works 

Ever wondered why a lot of popular music uses this structure? The verse/chorus structure creates the right balance between repetition, variety, and interest. This structure works not only well for pop songs but also for EDM. You’ll notice that almost all the successful EDM tracks use this structure. Don’t just write lyrics for the song, designate a certain part of your lyric to the verses, and do the same for the chorus. 

What you’re doing is that you are alternating between two lyrical sections with enough similarity and difference, posing no distraction to the listener. Always remember to use simple and extremely catchy words for the chorus section – you can relax a bit on this rule when writing the words for the verses. 

Bringing in a bridge towards the end of the song (maybe after the last verse) is also a brilliant way to give the listener a one-off magical feel. Although repetition is very important in writing EDM lyrics, a good bridge can however bring in the needed variety that every good lyric needs, regardless of genre. 

Reserve Details For the Verses & the Main Theme For the Chorus  

The chorus section is not the part to tell stories. The verses are for stories, while the chorus is for the primary message of the song. Because verses are the place to tell the story, it is best to bring in details in the verse section; stories are best told with some very interesting details. Always remember the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” when writing your verses – doesn’t mean you should write a thousand words though. That being said, focus greatly on the kind of imagery that will bring the listener into your song. The verse is also the section you can be as poetic as possible.  For instance, instead  of saying “she looked really beautiful under the sun,” you could as well say “when she stood out even the sun was no match to her beauty.”

However, you should be careful not to overuse this in your verses to the point of making the song seem too long or very confusing to your listener. Whatever you do, always remember the power of simplicity. Another tip to keep in mind concerning the chorus section is that the last line of your chorus carries great power. This is often the last thing your listener hears before you take them back into telling more of the story in the verses or before the song ends. For this reason, the last line of your chorus is a perfect place to fix your hook.